Whether you want to be a more informed car buyer, are interested in upcoming automotive technology, or want to make general or specialized repairs to your car, our automotive blogs offer useful information to a wide range of car enthusiasts.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is known for sharing the best information in tech, science, aerospace, DIY, and auto news. This blog offers a rich and varied examination of automobiles, automotive culture and design, and the personalities that shape the industry to inform and entertain consumers who are passionate about cars.

BMW Blog

BMW BLOG delivers news to millions of people from around the world, creating one of the largest communities of BMW drivers .Blog categories include models, lifestyle, motorrad, racing and our favorite – rumors. It talks about BMW rumors and speculations. What new BMW cars are coming in the future? Find out now.

Celebrity Cars Blog

Celebrity Cars Blog covers news related to celebrities behind the wheel. It features photos of celebrities and their cars, with commentary. Ryan Porter started the blog while living in Los Angeles as a way to combine his enthusiasm for two of Los Angeles’ biggest resources: cars and celebrities.

Car Talk

Car Talk is a must-read for anyone interested in motorsports, racing videos, generalized industry news and aftermarket products used in exotic, classic and muscle cars. Car Talk features blogs and contributors, and it became popular thanks to brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who hosted the show known as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”.


Autoblog features research, news and reviews, videos, a forum, and more for all things automotive. Site visitors can search new or used car by make, model, or style and “read, shop, and share everything on wheels” at this blog.Get up-to-the-minute automotive news along with reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the auto industry.

Mechanic Hub

Mechanics Hub is North America’s largest specialty recruiter for diesel machinery professionals, related trade professionals and the companies that employ them. It includes Hub Guest Blog, Life Lessons With an Apprenticing Mechanic, School Bus Mechanic and Rookie in Blue. If heavy-duty mechanics is your niche, Mechanics Hub is the blog spot for you.


Blog like Jalopnik has become crucial for automotive industry. The best car blogs separate themselves from the pack by giving readers something they can’t get anywhere else – which is exactly what you can expect from Jalopnik. It’s a news and opinion website about cars, the automotive industry, racing, transportation, airplanes, technology, motorcycles and much more.

You Fix Cars

Mark will help you learn more about automobile systems, so you can fix them yourself or apply what you learned when talking to a retail service center. You Fix Cars contains information about DIY auto repairs, test procedures, diagnostic troubleshooting and it offers a mechanics toolbox filled with automotive resources including DIY online service and repair manuals.

Eric The Car Guy

EricTheCarGuy is a great place for how-to auto repair videos. The blog includes links to videos, newsletters, troubleshooting FAQ, a forum, and more to help people diagnose and maybe even fix their car problems. Eric has more than 225K subscribers and almost 40 million views and this blog contains his first ‘major’ writings concerning automotive help.

Car And Driver

Car and Driver is the worldwide leader in providing objective test results and expert vehicle reviews. They are constantly working to provide the most interesting content for their readers so be sure to check back each day for interesting news and automotive reviews!

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