Stay updated on cycling news, the latest in commuter, road, and mountain bikes and gear, cycling tips, races and other events, and bike news that interests you. These blogs, written by fellow cycling enthusiasts, will keep you informed and motivated about the sport you love.

Rapha Blog

This is one of the most stylish sites about cycling we’ve came across. It’s a great source of ideas and inspiration for Cyclists who first and foremost consider riding a statement—fashion and otherwise. Rapha Blog is well made, gorgeously detailed and written by an amazing group of experienced people.

The Inner Ring

INRNG or The Inner Ring focuses on cycling, for both amateurs and professionals, as well as focusing on things that get overlooked by mainstream media. INRNG provides fans with cycling news, general chat, comment pieces, updates on events and analysis. This blog is good for anyone seeking not only a fair round-up of news about pro cycling and the bike industry, but also balanced analysis of it that’s not influenced by advertising.

Cycling Europe

Andrew, the founder of Cycling Europe, is a great outdoor lover and adventure seeker and he writes about travel and cycling – filling readers in with his exploits while exploring. From delivering news on events, places to visit and new initiatives, this blog has a range of posts about cycling tours and Andrew’s travelogues.

Average Joe Cyclist

Joe and his wife Maggie together run Average Joe Cyclist, a blog for average people that enjoy riding a bike. They have a great community of people who are not professionals, but just regular people who are having fun on their bikes. Here, you can find best cycling nutrition advice, best routes and cycling guides, necessary gear and much more. You will also find lots of guest post articles and one of their most popular guest posts is about fun places to go on honeymoon – on a bike!

Bike 198

Bike 198 is your one stop online resource for everything cycling related. From extreme mountain biking to century road rides to urban commutes, they handle everything from bike and component reviews to riding tips and industry news.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

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