If you like to travel or dream about traveling, our travel blogs will offer first-person accounts from people who visited your favorite location, along with reviews of hotels, attractions, and on-the-road cuisine, travel tips, luggage recommendations, and more

Adventurous Kate

I believe that almost all of you heard about Adventurous Kate and her great and inspiring travel advice, ideas and information. She shares tips on how to travel alone, but to feel safe at the same time. From learning how to make money while traveling to best budget-traveling tips, Kate has you covered!

The Savvy Backpacker

If you are looking for great insights of budget-traveling, James and Susan will help you travel without breaking the bank! They started with their amazing blog The Savvy Backpacker couple of years ago, when they quit their jobs and decided to do what they’ve always wanted – travel. You can find travel guides for almost every city in Europe, focusing on details of planning and preparing for the trip.

Hand Luggage Only

24h In The Amalfi Coast, Sunset In San Antonio, Places To Visit In Beijing are just some of the topics you will be able to see at Hand Luggage Only. These guys will show you the most amazing places in the world, best locations for trying local food, give you travel insights and life hacks and much, much more. From travel to food and photography, this blog has it all!

The Poor Traveler

There are so many reasons why The Poor Traveler is super-useful and inspiring blog. At first, the name of the blog might sound like a Charles Dickens’ story, but once you visit the site, you’ll find beautiful destination guides and latest news and tips for traveling. They’ve visited places from New Zealand and Australia, across Indonesia and Europe to South and North America. Thanks to well-written articles and videos of exploring places, you will get the whole experience needed to prepare for your next trip.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten will definitely inspire you to life a life you love! The Blonde Abroad is a great source of ideas for women on what to wear, how to prepare for a trip, where to go, how to travel alone and settle for nothing less than extraordinary! Either you want to do a luxury or a budget travel, solo or with friends, she will provide you with great advice and insights. She traveled to over a 50 countries in the world and she became one of the top influencers in the travel world.

Nomadic Matt

Most of the full-time travellers quit their job in some moment and started exploring the world. Although that can be said about Matt too, his story is way more inspiring and it can motivate you to follow your dreams. At first, he wanted to explore the world as much as possible, but then, his goal became to motivate people to travel better for less. And even though we still haven’t discovered the name of the blog, you all know who is this all about. The unique, Nomadic Matt.

One Step 4Ward

If you are thinking that it’s impossible to travel without the money – you’re wrong. Johnny provides practical and detailed advice on how we can all earn money and follow our dreams at the same time. Exploring and working in countries Thailand and Korea gave him so much experience that he’s constantly sharing with his audience. Maybe not the only one, but he’s one of the people who traveled to every single country in the world. Make sure you visit One Step 4Ward.

Lost With Purpose

Sebastiaan and Alex are a couple interested in visiting uncommon destinations in Asia, from Afghanistan, Pakistan to India and China. They tell detailed stories about places they visit and they do it on a really personal and helpful way. If you are into hard-to-reach places, Lost With Purpose is the right blog for you.

This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

From travel guides and places to eat, shop and sleep to most amazing photography and travel experiences, Marcus and R’el will make you feel like you’re on vacation while reading about their unique moments abroad. Besides focusing on traveling and writing about their experiences, they also shoot film and have a strong focus on coffee, which makes This Is The Place I Was Telling You About more interesting and worth bookmarking.

Petite Passport

Pauline loves to travel, but she also loves great design and interior. Her taste and eye for details are unbelievable, which is why you’ll enjoy every single article you find on her blog Petite Passport. She visited lots of places around the world and every consideration and suggestion she has is thoughtful and considered.


Travelfish is a great guide for traveling across Southeast Asia. It is really comprehensive and frequently updated and has everything from street food and hostel accommodation to luxury hotels and restaurants reviews. There is also a forum on the site, where members are discussing not only beautiful destinations, but also how to plan and prepare for the trip.

Expert Vagabond

Matt is an adventure travel photographer and a professional blogger, which is a great combo when it comes to sharing great experiences from around the globe. With useful travel tips, beautiful images and entertaining stories, no wonder he made his place on the best travel blogs lists of 2017. One of the interesting parts of Expert Vagabond are Matt’s tips getting great travel-oriented gifts for your friends and family while traveling.

The Culture Map

Shing, the founder of the The Culture Map documents her stories with a focus on cultural experiences. She mostly focuses on Scandinavian countries and the Arctic, since she loves everything about Scandinavia, from contemporary design and food to incredible landscapes and eco-friendly lifestyle. Nevertheless, she’s been all over Asia, Europe and Australia.

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